Shall we wait for the next revolution?


I created a theme "Shall we wait for the next revolution"? i will create 6 individual photo shoots surrounding the theme. I’m constantly fascinated by the fashion cycle and the new ways the garments are reinvented. Every era in fashion for example the 1920’s, 1940’s and so on. But it also gets a little tiring.

I was reading WAD magazine a French publication and read the title of a photo shoot “Shall we wait for the next revolution?” The shoot was by Bertrand le Pluard it was such a beautiful title that it inspired me to create my own images surrounding this concept.

I have loved Sci-fi and manga films for as long as I can remember. I grew up with my dad constantly drawing beautiful sketches of robots women that looked almost human. I wanted to use my inspiration from sci-fi and manga to create a new era of fashion a next revolution. All my shoots will be inspired by the future and progression.

Inspiration collages (above): Acid Rain, Aviatrix, New World, Prof. Hughes, Shape the Future and Sorayama.

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