Manchester UK has been at the forefront for dance music for a very long time now. This city has helped created some of the worlds most talked about artists to date and still continues to give birth to more great talent in the area. So bring forth the man like "CHIMPO" who is a dubstep producer that blew up on the Manchester scene early back in 2006 with his release on MRK1's label "CONTAGIOUS MUSIC". Now he gets snapped up buy yours truly "Mr SILVER" for my label NEMESIS RECORDINGS DIGITAL" Here we "CHIMPO" get down on some real dirty dub business. Piercing pads take over the intro with ease while the ragga chants of "MANCHESTER ARE YOU READY FOR WAR" comes across full stage in the background. Then once this bad boy drops, all hell is let loose with deep deep sub bass lines and hard kick drums and snapping snares hit you hard where it hurts the most. This one has been getting a lot of attention in both dubstep and drum and bass scenes at the moment. Many DJ'S have been backing this track for the past year from ZANE LOWE, TODDLA T, ANNIE MAC, and DJ BAILEY just to name a few. Also not only do you get the original mix but also remixes from some of the best artists in the game from "ZED BIAS" with his garage style four four remix. Plus an artist who is about to blow up in 2011 in a big way the mighty "DUBPHIZIX" who has tracks forthcoming on "CREATIVE SOURCE" and MARCUS INTALEX'S label SOUL R. Then last but not least yours truly gets his hands dirty with my MANCHESTER UNITED remix to get all the jump up massive to the dance floor as I inject some girt and grime nasty one tone bass line. This one has to be the best purchase deal for Christmas right now. As you get 4 artists doing what they do best for your pleasure and for a cheap price. You will not be disappointed when you purchase this release. Out to buy now exclusively drum & bass arena.

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Silver hits home once again on his RMXZ imprint with another stormer. Here we see him team up with long time friend and producer LUTIN from France to create a new moniker name called  "THE KARTEL". On this outing we see the duo come forth with a heavyweight drum & bass bootleg that will keep you going all night.
"TRANSFORMERS" samples the sounds of dancehall ambassador "MR LEXX" with some rugged drum and bass beats and deep subs that will keep you up all night long.This track is not to be messed with and is being hammered by DJ's such as RANDAL, BAILEY, CRISSY CRISS and many more key names in the world of drum and bass. Switch over to the flip side and we get to hear "HOW LOW" which another tear out anthem that will not fail to disappoint. "LUDACRIS" gets the dubplate D&B treatment here from those KARTEL boys and boy oh boy do they come at you with full force. Hard smashing amens and dirty low down subs keeps your head rocking all the way throughout this riddim. Be sure to catch more top music to come from "THE KARTEL" in the near future. CLICK THE LINK BELOW DOWNLOAD NOW!

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I hate having to write about my own music and i think this will be the first and last time i will do it, but boy i have got a spanking new twelve from yours truly and dead good friends of mine DJ ORIGIN & THE EGO from Chile. As you know DJ ORIGIN has been making waves in the dnb community for quiet some time now. From tracks like "THE FEAR" to anthems like "D DAY"  and "SARSAPARILLA KID" forthcoming on his own imprint called "KILLA BYTES" this year and next is set to be big for the north london soldier. So me and DJ ORIGIN got in the lab and came up with this hard teched out virus rolling track which really is not the style for DJ ORIGIN but sounds absolutely banging. Hard and punchy kick and snare travel trough the whole track with ease while the deep sub bassline grabs you by the chest plate to give you one of this years smashers to come out on NEMESIS. Taking a jet plane now to the other side of the world, i got time to go in the studio with Chile's most exciting DJ at the moment "THE EGO". This is the man behind the legendary "REWIND"  night that takes place once a month in Santiago Chile, if you did not already know. But anyways back to the music! So here we see mellow vibes hit you right between the eyes on this number. Nice summer time kick and snare passes trough while the vocal of "AUTOMATIC" blends through the rhythm track like a dream. This one has been featured on the mighty GROOVERIDER & FABIO show on BBC radio 1. Plus being played on the airwaves by DJ's such as BAILEY and CRISSY CRIS, Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for DJ ORIGIN EP and CHIMPO'S MANCHESTER ANTHEM forthcoming soon on NEMESIS RECORDINGS with remixes from myself SILVER, ZED BIAS, and DUBPHIZIX. Also later in the year i will be releasing some of my own tracks and a ONE87 LP is in the pipeline. Plus not forgetting a brand new web site where you will be abel to download free tracks, mixes and loads loads more. You have been warned! Click the Link below and download now

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