Huck x Vannen Watch

The second Huck Gee x Vannen collaboration is available now from Vannen WatchesThe Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery and later on in Hucks Online store he will be selling 10AP watches. The previous edition was Killing Time and featured a Death Kanji etched on the back of the case. This time round the model is entitled 'Lifetime' and features a 'Life' Kanji on the back. The Black edition sold out in no time at all and i'd expect this to be exactly the same situation. Loving the XL model, designed to fit more manly wrists, tho i still have a little bit of a doubt as to whether its monsterous enough to adorn my wrist without looking a lil bit weedy. Vannen def has a superb list of artists they've already worked with and i'm looking forward to seeing more in the future!
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