Hellz keep it classic :: Hellz Bellz

 Source: Hellz Bellz

Since the beginning of HELLZ, the brand has held on tight to it’s roots of being the anti-damsel in distress – the woman who waits for no one to plan out her destiny. Over the years, we’ve been so lucky to attract like-minded females who are straight up ride-or-die HELLZ fanatics. I remember the first time I had encountered the brand: I was 15, and completely bored out-of-my-mind with the same cookie-cutter styles that were distributed through out the malls. I started looking for an alternative source to shopping, and found myself obsessed with thrift stores, and skate shops. (blah blah blah, call me typical.) There was a local skate shop around the corner from my High School that I would often frequent, which supplied me with endless amounts of unique graphic tee’s, and of course – boys. It was there that my appreciation for HELLZ BELLZ had blossomed. Tell me I’m not alone when I say that the first HELLZ BELLZ tee that I owned was the “Bottles and Knife” all-over printed crew neck…and yes, I wore it every day.
Over the years, HELLZ has gone through some serious changes. (You probably have even noticed it.) The line expanded, collaborations were launched, and the brands cut-and-sew program became much more dominant over the graphic tee’s.  Through out all these changes, I’m happy to say that HELLZ has still held onto it’s original femme fatal way of being. Paying homage to the classic HELLZ girl is “LB”, one of our favorite retailers in Mexico. The shoot pretty much speaks for itself – high brow fashion, with classic street style. Though HELLZ has crossed over into a much larger market being sold at retail shops in the mall and not just boutique skate shops, I still see the brand as one of few that continue to represent strong independent ladies hungry for crossing boundaries. Viva la HELLZ!