Roots Manuva :: New Album :: Watch Me Dance

Exciting news here at Manuva Towers - as you may have already heard, on September 26th (in the UK and Europe, October 11th in the USA) Roots Manuva will release a brand new studio album, '4everevolution,' via Big Dada/Banana Klan. The album is just a few seconds under an hour long, consists of seventeen tracks and covers every style from wonky reggae through pop-funk, street spitting, straight up hip hop, sung ballads and epic death-disco. We think it's his very best work since 'Run Come Save Me.' We're wondering (whisper it) whether it might be his best album... (sshh) ever.

You good people are the first to see the tracklist

1. First Growth
2. Here We Go Again
3. Skid Valley
4. Who Goes There?
5. Watch Me Dance
6. Revelation
7. Wha' Mek?
8. Takes Time To
9. Beyond This World
10. Go Champ
11. Get The Get
12. Crow Bars
13. In The Throes Of It
14. Noddy
15. Much Too Plush
16. The Path
17. Banana Skank

The album mainly revolves around Roots' own production and voice, with contributions from Banana Klan stalwarts including Ricky Ranking and Daddy Kope. In addition, on three tracks Mr Manuva introduces talented young singer Rokhsan. Other guests include Skin and Cass Lewis from Skunk Anansie. Production, meanwhile, comes from as far afield as Australia, Rodney Smith's travels allowing him to meet beatmakers and producers all over the world.

The first taste from this epic is already out and about in the form of "Watch Me Dance". A dirty little funk ditty with its origins in Ricky Ranking's earliest live performances with the Manuva band, Rodney demoed the track 18 months or so ago and then gave the parts to Toddla T to see what he could do with them. They both agreed that the results sounded more like a Toddla T track than a Roots Manuva track, so that version gave Toddla's new album its name, but Rodney's own version is also out and about and picking up plays....

We're excited and we want you to be excited, too. That's why we're offering you a chance to download Roots Manuva's version of "Watch Me Dance" for free. Go to the link below, enter your email address and it's all yours. If you're already on the mailing list with an up-to-date email address, don't worry - you won't start getting double mails! And please - be sure to tell your friends, tweet it, Facebook it and make sure as many other people as possible know this is out there. That's all we ask of you!

Get "Watch Me Dance" for free here!!!!

Is "Watch Me Dance" typical of the album that follows? No, it isn't. This record is so varied that we couldn't really pick a track to represent it. Just treat is as representing one facet of the many facets of a great recording artist... And those of you who look for deep lyrical content from Roots Manuva - don't worry, there's more than enough of that on the record to hold your interest!

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