CLOT :: Travelling Mickey

Over the course of the last few years, CLOT and Disney have had a fruitful relationship with several large scale projects spanning various Disney franchises. In their latest team-up, CLOT and Disney unite on the Travelling Mickey project which brings into the fold ten notable artists from around the world. Each given a blank canvas in the form of a Mickey Mouse figure, each artist was given the ability to appropriate the figure based on their own personal vision and aesthetic. Among the personalities involved include André, Makoto Azuma, Carri Munden AKA Cassette Playa, CLOT, Dr. Romanelli, Eric So, Jakuan, Motonori Masui, Madsaki and Mister Cartoon.
The project will launch on July 15, 2011 at CLOT & DISNEY’s Man Is In The Forest pop-up store in which all 10 figures will be put on display with the opportunity to be auctioned off with a three month bidding window. From there, further tour locations will include Hong Kong and Taipei. 50% of the sales of each 1 of 1 figure will be donated to the China Youth Development Foundation for social welfare and education.

Source: CLOT