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 Girls Got Kicks… the first ever photo documentary of the badass females, told from a unique angle: their passion for sneakers. From celebrities like WNBA Rookie-of-the Year Tina Charls, legendary b girl Rokafella, and “Downtown’s Sweetheart” Vashtie Kola, to extraordinary young women famous only for their obsessive love of sneaker, Girls Got Kicks celebrates the beauty and diversity of female sneaker fiends the world over. Whether they’re running home in the rain barefoot to save their precious kicks or tearing them up at the skate park, whether they’re matching them to their wedding dress or their basketball uniform, Girls Got Kicks documents how these sneaker lovers push beyond stereotypes, using kicks to be both athletic and sexy, hip and tomboyish, grown and youthful, as they define who they are—and who women can be—on their own terms.

Author Lori Lobenstine founded Female Sneaker Fiend in April of 2005. She had two goals: to create an online place where females in the sneaker game could find each other and to shred the myth that only guys were serious “sneakerheads.” With over 17,000 members and 100,000 page requests daily, FSF seems to have done both! In the meantime, the site has also brought together community in the “real world” and begun to reshape and highlight women’s roles in the sneaker industry.

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