Roots Manuva :: 4everevolution Album

Roots Manuva's
fifth studio album, '4everevolution', draws ever nearer to its  26th September release date. You may have already seen excellent early reviews of the set in Mojo, Word, Q and Clash magazines. You've probably already heard (and, if you've got any sense, downloaded for free) Mr Smith's version of 'Watch Me Dance' and you may have been lucky enough to come across second single 'Get The Get' by now, via radio or some such. If not, you can watch Mr Manuva and young singer Rokhsan go and buy a handbag and then dance around the roof of a carpark somewhere in North London while re-enacting the non-existent video for the tune (see below). Also, listen out for remixes from Breakage and Slugabed. And wait till you see the plush packaging: hard 'box' slipcase, inner digi-pack and 16 page booklet with select images from Rodney's lyric book. Classy.

1. First Growth
2. Here We Go Again
3. Skid Valley
4. Who Goes There?
5. Watch Me Dance
6. Revelation
7. Wha' Mek?
8. Takes Time To
9. Beyond This World
10. Go Champ
11. Get The Get
12. Crow Bars
13. In The Throes Of It
14. Noddy
15. Much Too Plush
16. The Path
                                                                      17. Banana Skank

Get the Get

Watch Me Dance