Mishka x How to Make It in America®

Limited Edition "Cyco Hussler" Shirts Now Available


Source: Jackthreads

"I need a dollar" was just one of many thoughts going through the minds of Greg Rivera and Mikhail Bortnik when they founded Mishka in 2003.
Like real-life equivalents of Ben and Cam from HBO's original series How to Make It in America, the duo began the long and hard grind to eventually start an NYC-based clothing label that could harness their creative aspirations.
A couple thousand t-shirts designs later--with notorious iconography like blood-shot eyeballs and fork-tongued bears--Mishka are renowned as the most original streetwear shop. Their fans are cult-like and their aesthetic is unmistakable.
Below you'll find a limited edition creation from Mishka's art director Mike Jones, known as the "Cyco Hussler" shirt. Check the video to the left for the full backstory and origins of the graphic. And remember: Can't knock the 'Hussler!'

Season 2 of How To Make It begins Sunday 10/2 at 10:30pm. Only on HBO.