Skittles :: Dot 2 Dot


Another  big release from Skittles DOT2DOT is due out on the 7th of November. 
Skittles, unique in his ability to not only consistently write innovative, inspiring and true lyrics but also complement them with strong flow and delivery alongside his own productions using a mixture of live instruments and digital production methods.

Inspired by his use of live instruments he has assembled an 8+ piece live band which has been showcased around the UK and appeared at a number of festivals this summer and is continuing to be showcased around the country.

In April he released Tip-I-Cal-Ly a dubbed out party smasher which lead to him collaborating with Austrian drum and bass lords Camo and Krooked on their latest album "Cross The Line" out on Hospital Records.

The collaboration entitled "The Lesson" received more than 400,000 hits in its first week online and was ranked most viewed, rated, favourited and discussed music video on youtube in the UK that week.

On November 7th 2011 Skittles will release Dot to Dot featuring remixes from Zed Bias, Dub Phizix and Joe Kalius.