After introducing its beautifully sculpted Booze/C-Incense ChamberNEIGHBORHOOD is back with another ceramic piece of functional art for the 2012 fall/winter season. Made from Kaolin clay, the same clay found in traditional Chinese ceramic wear — or simply fine China — the incense chamber is immediately recognized by it’s distinctive white and blue cobalt oxide underglaze finish and the overall bold presence of a hand gripping the John Browning designed .45 M1911 handgun. Used by the Unites States armed forces for over half a century, NBHD’s decision to choose such an iconic standard-issue side arm was natural as the Colt has stood the test of two World Wars. The pottery is further brought to life as the rawness and representation of the subject matter is beautifully juxtaposed against elegant flower detailing and shiny brass fixtures. Whilst loaded and lit, the chamber resembles a freshly emptied smoking firearm, as the smoke escapes from the mock gun barrel. As a piece that is both pleasant to look at, and at the same time, entices the sense of smell when in use, the NEIGHBORHOOD BOOZE. COLT CE-INCENSE CHAMBER will add character to any welcoming home. Available now at all HOODS retails stores, the chamber can be had for a price of $1,559 HKD (approximately $200 USD).